Safety Enhancement: PT Contromatic Actively Engages in Fire Drill Training

In a proactive step to ensure the safety of both employees and occupants of the Prominence Office Tower, PT Contromatic recently participated in a comprehensive fire drill training session. The event, which took place a few days ago, witnessed enthusiastic participation from both management and employees, affirming the company’s collective commitment to prioritizing safety as […]

Contromatic’s Business Process Summit 2024

On January 3, 2024, key leaders at PT Contromatic Prima Mandiri, including the Board of Directors and all Division Heads, gathered for an important strategic meeting. The focus of this meeting was to review our business processes and set clear objectives for the coming year. The summit emphasized the importance of collaboration among different divisions. […]

Viza Valve Achieves PGN AML Listing for Manual and Actuated Valves

We are delighted to announce that Manual and Actuated valves from Viza Valve have successfully been listed in the Approved Manufacturers List (AML) of Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN). PT Contromatic Prima Mandiri, as the authorized agent for Viza Valve, has shown high dedication in meeting stringent quality standards. Through this solid collaboration, Manual and Actuated […]

Management Visit Surabaya

In September, PT Contromatic Prima Mandiri’s Director and management team visited our Surabaya branch to discuss about the latest project with one of our customers in the region. Our Surabaya branch serves the Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Power, and Mining industries. During this visit, we attentively listened to project updates and discussed the […]

CSMS Certificate with ‘Extreme High Risk’ Category from PT Geo Dipa Energi

We are proud to receive a CSMS certificate with the category ‘Extremely High Risk’ from PT Geo Dipa Energi. This certificate reflects our commitment, competence and credibility in applying the occupational safety and health management system (OHSMS) particularly in the geothermal energy. We understand the challenges and risks of the geothermal energy sector, such as […]

Seminar : The Application of Petrochemical Maintenance and Smart Products by Neles™


We are pleased to share the success of The Application of Petrochemical Maintenance and Smart Products seminar, featuring speakers from Valmet. During this two-day seminar, we had the privilege of hosting esteemed engineers from the petrochemical industry who participated in engaging discussions with our speakers. On the second day, our team of service engineers conducted a […]

ISO 14001 Certificate for Implementing an Environmental Management System

Our company has been awarded an ISO 14001 certificate for implementing an Environmental Management System within the company. The ISO 14001 certificate indicates that we as a company comply with government regulations and industry guidelines to ensure our business operations are more environmentally friendly. ♻️♻️ The proper management of hazardous waste disposal and repurposing old […]

CSMS Certificate – High Risk Jobs


We have been awarded a Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) certificate from PLN Indonesia Power, passing the pre-qualification process to carry out “Extreme” job level. This certificate recognises that our Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and Environmental management system adheres to industry standards. Rest assured, our team are properly trained and equipped to undertake high-risk jobs such […]

Crash Course to Valves – 3 Valve Mechanisms


Ever wondered what is the difference between Manual, Control and On-off Valves? Valves are crucial components in regulating fluid flow in piping systems. They can be divided into three types: Manual Valve, Control Valve, and On-Off Valve. Manual Valve can be operated manually, without additional accessories. It only functions to open or close the flow […]

Neles NDX Smart Positioner – Performance Perfected

Neles Ndx Positioner

Neles has launched its Next-Generation Intelligent Valve Controller – NDX 2.0; with better performance compared to its former version — bringing you easy installation and versatile features that can be used as a predictive or preventive maintenance tool. The NDX 2.0 is a universal smart positioner which can perform on wide range of control valve. It can […]

Annual Sales Budget Meeting at Mercure Hotel, Jakarta


PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri held the second part of the Annual Sales Budget Meeting for this week, at Mercure Hotel, Jakarta. During this Sales Budget Meeting, each sale presented their yearly performance to the group, creating a panel of discussion for feedback, and room for improvement in their performance. Our Sales Director offered words of encouragement […]

Neles Control Valve, ESD & Carraro PRV School 2022 in Jakarta


PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri held a two-day school on the topic of Control Valve, ESD & PRV at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta. This event is intended to train our customers about their knowledge of valves, accessories, and its various applications. Representative speakers from Neles and Carraro came to give a detailed talk about their respective products. […]

CPM Workshop Team Upgrades Stack Damper Actuator from Local Control to Remote Control during Turnaround 2022 at Kilang Pertamina International Refinery Unit V, Balikpapan


Pertamina Refinery Unit (RU) V Balikpapan, located in East Kalimantan is a business unit of the Pertamina Refinery Directorate, that produces oil to supply domestic needs, particularly serving the Eastern Indonesia market. Pertamina’s Refinery Unit V currently supplies around 26% of the total fuel demand across Indonesia. In August 2022, as part of the Refinery […]

Seminar on Turbine Bypass Valve and Desuperheater Technology


Last week, together with BVT Sweden AB, we hosted a seminar on Turbine Bypass Valve and Desuperheater Technology for our customers in Swissotel, PIK. Our speaker, Lars Wall, Sales Director of BVT, flew all the way from Sweden to educate our team and customers about their cutting edge Desuperheater Technology. BVT’s Desuperheater uses a spring loaded […]

Annual Employee Medical Check-Up 2021


CPM Group routinely conducts health check-ups on all employees. We do this to ensure that our staff maintains their good health while detecting any possible health problems due to activities at work. Employee medical check-up is one of the occupational health and safety (K3) programs carried out to assess the current condition of the employee’s […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Program 2021 — PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri Group


CPM Group Donates Rp 500 Million to the Victims of Mount Semeru Eruption. In light of the Emergency Response to the Semeru Eruption in December 2021, PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri and PT. Valveindo Teknik Pratama through the Foundation provided a total aid of Rp 500 million as a form of the Corporate Social Responsibility […]

Our Most Important Asset is Our Great People


CPM has always been committed to the development of strong human resources. CPM understands the market competition map, the dynamics of industrial growth, and the direction of future business development, needs to be supported by strong human resources. One of our strategies is investing in people. We believe that by investing in people, we strengthen […]

We’ve Been Vaccinated!


The government has started the COVID-19 vaccination program in Indonesia, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at the State Palace. The person who was first injected with Sinovac’s vaccine was President Joko Widodo. At the same time, a number of officials, religious leaders, professional organizations and community representatives participated in the vaccination. After the COVID-19 vaccine […]

Experience Matters in Valve Sizing and Selection


All too often, valve sizing and selection tools are based on standard equations and rules of thumb shaped by performance data collected under laboratory conditions. While laboratory data may be considered extremely accurate, they are no substitute for real-world data collected under actual operating conditions over an extended period of time.  This data, collected over […]

Valve Design Leads to Higher Polymerization Efficiency


Chemically a simple one, the polymerization process can sometimes get tricky with inappropriate valves. If you’re looking for tips on choosing the right valves for efficient plastic production, this blog is for you. The versatility of plastics, with their low cost and simple manufacturing process, makes plastic one of the world’s most commonly used materials, […]

Five Steps to Removing Quarry Bottlenecks in Aggregate Production


While there are several different reasons for quarry bottlenecks in aggregate production, the most common is out-of-date equipment that is unable to keep up with modern requirements; another issue we come across is automated processes that are poorly regulated. The ultimate aim is to avoid having machinery running below capacity, which is only achievable if […]

Corona Virus Opponents – Good Habits at Work


Concerns about contracting COVID-19 might envelop workers who until now still have to move outside the home. To stay safe outside the home or office, workers must apply the correct and effective COVID-19 prevention measures. The government also calls on people to implement physical distancing and to carry out activities from home, including working. However, […]

Happy Eid Mubarak 1441 Hijriyah


Unlike Eid Al-Fitr which before, this time we must pass it in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As result, many of us do not go home, and can not meet with relatives. But do not worry, so as not to lose the moment of friendship, information technology that has been increasingly advanced now is able to […]