PT Contromatic Prima Mandiri Hosts Annual Sales Budget Meeting, Focuses on Collaboration and Technical Knowledge

On January 9 and 10-11, PT Contromatic Prima Mandiri held its Annual Sales Budget Meeting. This important event brought together our Board of Directors, sales team, and application engineers from our Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, EPC, Mining & Power divisions.

Adapting to Market Changes Through Teamwork

The meeting focused on the need for our teams to work closely together, especially in rapidly changing markets. Our Chief Executive Officer stressed the importance of this collaboration, aiming to combine the skills of our sales team with the technical expertise of our application engineers. The goal is to create solutions that are not only innovative but also closely aligned with what our customers need.

Enhancing Customer Service with Better Technical Understanding

A key point of discussion was improving the technical knowledge of our sales team. By understanding our products and services better, they can offer more accurate and effective solutions to our customers.

Moving Forward: Emphasis on Growth and Improvement

The meeting concluded with a message about the importance of being open to learning and improving. Our CEO highlighted that progress and innovation are essential for our company’s growth and for meeting our goals.

This year’s Annual Sales Budget Meeting is a step towards enhancing our team’s performance and improving how we serve our customers. We’re looking forward to a year of learning, growing, and better meeting the needs of those we serve.

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