Safety Enhancement: PT Contromatic Actively Engages in Fire Drill Training

In a proactive step to ensure the safety of both employees and occupants of the Prominence Office Tower, PT Contromatic recently participated in a comprehensive fire drill training session. The event, which took place a few days ago, witnessed enthusiastic participation from both management and employees, affirming the company’s collective commitment to prioritizing safety as a primary concern.

Key points from this activity include:

  1. Location and Training Focus: The training was conducted at the Prominence Office Tower, emphasizing evacuation procedures, the use of emergency stairs, and the identification of the designated assembly point outside the building.
  2. Inclusive Participation: The involvement of both management and staff demonstrates a shared responsibility for safety.
  3. Commitment to Security Measures: PT Contromatic Prima Mandiri reaffirmed its commitment to security measures by actively participating in the fire drill.
  4. Safety Culture: The training aims to cultivate a safety culture through the engagement of all stakeholders.
  5. Shared Responsibility: The collective involvement of management and employees reflects a shared responsibility for safety.

The fire drill training conducted by PT Contromatic at the Prominence Office Tower signifies a tangible step in enhancing safety, emphasizing a joint commitment and a culture of preparedness within the organization.

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