Annual Employee Medical Check-Up 2021


CPM Group routinely conducts health check-ups on all employees. We do this to ensure that our staff maintains their good health while detecting any possible health problems due to activities at work. Employee medical check-up is one of the occupational health and safety (K3) programs carried out to assess the current condition of the employee’s health while determining the employee’s ability to perform a job based on His/Her health condition.

In the final month of 2021, we worked with local doctors and hospitals from which our staff are based in – Dr. Sander B. (Jakarta), R.S. Siloam Hospital (Balikpapan), R.S. Hosana Medica (Cikarang), R.S Eka Hospital (Pekanbaru) and Klinik Utama Nusantara Medika (Surabaya) – to conduct Medical Check-ups for all CPM Group staff. We did thorough physical examinations for our staff, including a complete blood count, urine analysis, liver function examination, kidney function examination, fat profile (Cholesterol Total), diabetes screening, diagnostic examination, and cardiovascular examination.CPM Group recognizes the importance of our employees’ health to ensure that they can work optimally. Because we believe that good employee health, supported by a safe work environment will have a positive impact on our employee’s wellbeing and productivity.

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