Are You in Control of Your Polymer Production?


For efficient and safe plastics production, a polymerization unit relies on numerous control and on-off valves. It’s vital to know you can count on those valves to do their job at all times. The selection of the right valve for each step requires careful consideration. And every detail matters when it comes to running a reliable, profitable plant.

Polymerization process valves

Since process parameters need to be under control at all times, control valves are needed in many different places in a plant. They regulate the entire polymerization process – starting from feed valves controlling the feed of raw materials, or catalysts, to isolation valves for isolating the reactor and controlling the cooling water.

The safety-critical emergency valves are only infrequently called upon to relieve rapid reactor overpressure, temperature increases and hazardous release of flammable or toxic materials. But when they are needed, it is imperative they function flawlessly, ensuring high-pressure gases are vented safely to flare.

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