Corporate Social Responsibility Program 2021 — PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri Group


CPM Group Donates Rp 500 Million to the Victims of Mount Semeru Eruption.

In light of the Emergency Response to the Semeru Eruption in December 2021, PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri and PT. Valveindo Teknik Pratama through the Foundation provided a total aid of Rp 500 million as a form of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, which was distributed in the form of temporary shelter (Huntara) and clean water stations for victims of the Semeru eruption disaster in Lumajang, East Java.

This donation program is a program for distributing aid to disaster victims which aims to provide the basic needs of the community in disaster emergency situations.

President Director of PT. CPM, Mr. Jacob Mailoa, revealed that the CPM Group realized that handling the Semeru eruption disaster requires collaboration from various parties so that victims can be immediately helped and people’s lives can recover after the Semeru eruption disaster.

We offer our special thanks to the Founder of, Mr. Andy F. Noya, who has bridged this donation for it to be properly distributed to the affected communities in Lumajang.

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