The government has started the COVID-19 vaccination program in Indonesia, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at the State Palace. The person who was first injected with Sinovac’s vaccine was President Joko Widodo. At the same time, a number of officials, religious leaders, professional organizations and community representatives participated in the vaccination.

After the COVID-19 vaccine was injected, the President also reminded all people who will be vaccinated to remain disciplined in implementing the 3M health protocol (wearing masks, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and washing hands.

The day after the injection to President Joko Widodo, vaccinations will be carried out simultaneously and gradually to health workers and health support personnel in 34 provinces in Indonesia.

And in our spirit of supporting government and company programs, the entire PT. Contromatic Prima Mandiri & Pt. Valveindo Teknik Pratama has participated in the Covid-19 vaccination.

Do not forget! keep following the health protocols to protect ourselves and our families from Covid-19, Stay Safe!

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