Motorized Valves Play a Crucial Role in Various Industries Applications

A motorized valve (MOV) is a type of valve that utilizes a motor actuator, usually electric to control the flow of fluids or gases through a pipeline. Its function is to open or close the valve mechanism based on signals received from a controller, allowing for automated flow regulation. Electric actuator consists of a reversible electric motor, control box, gearbox, limit switches, and other controls (such as a potentiometer to show valve position).

In industries, motorized valves play a crucial role in various applications. Motor Operated Valve (MOV) is an important item of Plant & Piping system. These valves are generally of large size and are used for different applications such as Pump discharge etc. An electric motor is mounted on the valve and geared to the valve stem so that when the motor operates the valve will open or close.

The main advantages of electric actuators are the high degree of stability and constant thrust available to the user. In general, the thrust capability of the electric actuator is dependent on the size of the electric motor and the gearing involved. For quality motorized valves, consider Contromatic as your trusted motorize valve supplier. Ensure smooth flow control with our range of quality products.
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