Pneumatic Actuator Valves Find Wide Industrial Applications

A pneumatic is a system using compressed air as the driving force, making it efficient and reliable. The power source-compressed air-is relatively inexpensive when compared to a human resource for electrical or hydraulic power sources. One of the applications is in actuators. The valve pneumatically opens or closes in response to control signals, regulating the flow and pressure in pipelines and systems.

From a maintenance standpoint, pneumatic actuators are more easily serviced and calibrated than other types of actuators. Some pneumatic actuators are designed to be field-reversible, meaning that they can be converted from air-to-extend to air-to-retract (or visa versa) in the field without special tools or maintenance procedures. Pneumatic actuators also bleed compressed air to atmosphere, which is environmentally safe, when compared to hydraulics.

In industries, pneumatic actuator valves find wide applications. Contromatic offers a range of quality pneumatic actuator valves that cater to diverse industrial needs. For your industrial flow control requirements, choose Contromatic’s pneumatic actuator valves, and experience reliable and efficient fluid handling solutions.
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