The Valve Positioner Adjusts the Actuator

The primary function of the valve positioner is to precisely control the position of the valve actuator, ensuring accurate and efficient flow control. By receiving input signals from the control system, the valve positioner adjusts the actuator to maintain the desired valve position, reducing errors and increasing reliability.

Reasons to Use Positioners :

  • Increase control system resolution: i.e. fine control.
  • Allow use of characteristic cams.
  • Minimize packing friction effects: i.e. high-temperature packing.
  • Negate flow-induced reactions to higher pressure drops.
  • Increase speed of response to a change in process.
  • Allow split ranging.
  • Overcome seating friction in rotary valves.
  • Allow distances between controller and control valve.
  • Allow wide range of flow variation.
  • Allow increased usage of 4-20 mA electronic signal.
  • Increase fast venting (unloading) capability.

In various industries, such as pulp and paper,  oil and gas, refinery, chemical, water treatment, this tool helps achieve consistent and stable operations, leading to improved productivity. Contromatic offers a range of reliable and quality valve positioners to meet industry demands.

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