Solenoid Valves Designed with Easy Integration in Various Industrial

A solenoid is an electrical control device that receives an electrical signal (usually a 4- to 20-mA signal) and, in response, channels air supply directly to the actuator. Two types of solenoids, three-way and four-way, are commonly used with actuators and positioners.

Three-way solenoids are sometimes used to operate single-acting actuators, such as diaphragm actuators, since they are designed to only send air to one air chamber in the actuator. With double-acting actuators, three-way solenoids are used to interrupt or override an instrument signal to a pneumatic positioner.

Four-way solenoids are used in lieu of positioners to provide on-off operation of double-acting actuators, providing a positive two-direction action. Upon deenergization the four-way solenoids send full air supply to one side of the actuator, while exhausting the other side to atmosphere.

Actuator with solenoid offer fast response times, reliability, and are relatively cost-effective solutions for flow control. Contromatic, offers a range of quality solenoid valves designed to be reliable and efficient with easy integration in various industrial processes.

For optimal flow control and dependable performance, choose Contromatic solenoid device for your industrial applications.
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