BVT – Turbine Bypass Valve

BVT – Turbine Bypass Valve

The BVT-BO is an angle-style steam conditioning valve, used turbine bypass applications mainly in coal fired plants. It is designed to reduce temperature and pressure of steam to match downstream requirements. Pressure is controlled using a proven trim technology which reveals a series of perforations in the valve cage as the plug moves. The BVT-BO is designed so that the steam flow is pushing the plug towards its open position. Water is passed through a hollow stem and injected through small holes in the plug. The water mixes with the steam inside the cage before being passed through the cage into the outlet. The valve plug design is optimized for low actuating forces, allowing for smaller and pneumatic actuators.

Key features

  • Fully customizable inlet, outlet connections
  • Complies with the following standards: ASME, EN, PED
  • Forged valve body with uniform thickness and trim design optimized to withstand thermal cycling
  • High shut-off class
  • Excellent rangeability
  • Balanced plug design requires smaller actuating forces, and so allows for smaller and pneumatic actuators
  • Pressure seal bonnet for simpler and quicker maintenance. No special tools necessary
  • Compatible with pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical actuation
  • Easily exchangeable seat as option for further reduced maintenance downtime
  • Optimized packing design

Pressure class
Up to ANSI 4500 (higher rating on request)

Design temperature
620 ºC as standard (650 ºC on request)

Leakage class
ANSI Class III, IV, V, MSS SP 61

Up to 25:1 for the complete valve

Regulatory requirements
ASME, PED, IBR, CRN, ISO 9001/14001

Forged material adapted to connecting pipe material

Pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical


  • Expanded outlet
  • Live load gland seal packings