JOKWANG – [JSV-FT100] Pressure Relief Valves for UV Stamp

JOKWANG – [JSV-FT100] Pressure Relief Valves for UV Stamp


(Conventional / Balanced Type)

It is used as a safety relief valve in the piping of gauging devices and various pressurized containers at power generation plants

This product has been designed according to the standards of API STD 526. It has acquired certification for capacity and quality from the ASME (“UV” stamp). Made of various materials, it can be used in high temperatures, high pressures and for corrosive liquids.

Type Conventional, Piston Balanced
Applicable Fluid Steam, Air/Gas, Liquid
Applicable Pressure 0.1 ~ 31.02MPa (15~4500psig)
Applicable Temperature  -196 ~538°C
Size 1/2″X1″ ~ 1″X1
Orifice D(0.11 in²)
Connection NPT or PT
Material Base : Stainless Steel (Standard)
Bonnet: Carbon Steel (Standard)
Trim: Stainless Steel (Standard)