Kelvion – Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – NP Series

Kelvion – Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – NP Series


Increasing demand for cold supply in high-rise buildings and data centers as well as district cooling poses new challenges to gasketed plate heat exchangers in matter of pressure resistance and performance. Our answer is the new NP150X – developed with these applications in mind. This plate is the first of our new NP series. Other plate sizes will follow to complete the range.

The adoption of a plate with narrower plate gap and a smaller pitch ensures highest heat transfer performance. It is the perfect fit for applications with extremely low temperature differences and high NTU values. With the NP Series we meet highest pressure standards. It withstands an extremely high test pressure of up to 42 bar(g).


– Compared to plates with standard herringbone pattern the NP plate offers a shorter wavelength and smaller pressing depth.

– Thus the NP plate gap is extremely narrow with highly turbulent flow.

Plate Features:

– OptiWave design

– PosLoc assembly system

– EcoLoc gasket system

– One Frame For All