Kelvion – Transformers Oil Water Coolers

Kelvion – Transformers Oil Water Coolers


Our range of transformers oil water coolers can be supplied in different mounting variants. The standard water cooler version is designed for direct mounting to the transformer tank. In addition, our range of products comprises free-standing transformer oil coolers designed to customer specifications. The coolers in general are used for specific types of transformers, such as furnace transformers or rectifier transformers. A further application is machine transformer cooling at hydraulic power plants.

Unlike tube bundles of single-wall design, double-tube bundles are provided with two tube sheets at each end. If a tube wall shows a leak, the product flows through fine ducts arranged between the double tubes into the leakage collection space and triggers a check command. However, the second remaining undamaged tube keeps the fluids separated. The plant operator may continue to run the heat exchanger until the next scheduled maintenance, thus avoiding cost-intensive shutdown times. We have been supplying double-tube coolers for more than thirty years. Today, double-tube safety heat exchangers are state-of-the-art for transformer oil water coolers.

Transformer oil water coolers are available in different design versions.

Kelvion TOWC Smart

Standard type transformer oil water coolers are developed to exploit the full economic potential while still ensuring safety and good maintenance standards.

Kelvion TOWC Advanced

Transformer oil water coolers of advanced design are a cost-optimized variant of the premium series and developed to meet the high but cost conscious requirements.

Kelvion TOWC Premium

Premium type transformer oil water coolers are designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN standard EN 50216-9. This type of cooler offers advantages in particular where frequent cleaning intervals are necessary.