Swissfluid – Sampling Systems SSO-P

Swissfluid – Sampling Systems SSO-P

Sampling Systems SSO-P
Manual, continuous, closed sampling systems for liquid and gaseous samples for a wide range of applications. These systems will take emission-free, representative samples while providing operator safety. Easy to install and to operate with the possibility of advanced versions. To meet the customer needs we can combine the panel with various options and accessories.

Main features
• Closed sampling systems for liquid and gaseous media
• Additional safety for operator and environment
• Contamination-free sampling of toxic media
• Forced control through functions
“Shut – Sample – Purge”
• Sampling at high system pressure
• Minimization of handling errors
• Easy operation and purge

Installation: Mounting stand, panel, mobile units
Materials: Monel 400, Teflon lined, Hastelloy C, Titanium Grade 2

  • upon customer request
  • mobile sampling cylinder
  • fixed pre-metering container
  • Additions:

  • Heating- or cooling jacket
  • Safety relieve unit for overpressure
  • Systems for several sampling points
  • Activated carbon filter
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